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There’s a lot of pain, stress, and anger going on around the world. We want to make our readers’ days a bit more pleasant by making them smile and relax with fun and inspirational articles. After all, there’s a lot of love to go around, so why not make someone else’s day?

We started Make Their Day when we found there weren’t enough websites that provided a positive pick-me-up. We hope to share our joy and positivity with those who need it. So step back from all the bad news and things that trigger your stress, and let us make your day.

Leia Caufield

36, a former life coach for her local community center but quit to become a part-time freelance writer and full-time mom. She likes to continue her mission of sharing positivity and motivation through her writing.

Using her experience as a life coach, she writes articles and motivational posts meant to uplift people’s mood and encourage them to keep working for their dreams. While Leia has fulfilled her dreams, she still enjoys the little things in life such as paper mache and origami, hobbies she shares with her young daughters.

Pauline Brookes

27, graduated with a creative writing degree, but her friends think she took up baking as a degree. She thought she could be a food blogger, but she quickly found that she enjoyed baking, cooking, and serving food more than she enjoyed eating it on her own.

Since then, she now sells her pastries at home while working as a freelance writer. You’ll find she never runs out of things to say about the de-stressing benefits of baking, but she also enjoys other ways to relax and shares them with her readers.

Jean Lang

33, studied to be a journalist but quickly found how much hate, pain, violence, and anger there is around the world and realized this wasn’t for her. She loved to write about current events, but she knew there was more than enough room to write about positivity and inspirational pieces.

After leaving her local paper, she worked as a lifestyle writer. She continues to write inspirational pieces around her community, especially stories about people and their success stories.

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